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Hi! My name is Daniel and I am a Lighting and Compositing TD.

I love working on animated films because of the endless creative possibilities and exciting technical challenges. I especially enjoy working on the visuals of a project, using lighting to support the story and to emphasise the desired emotion.

Over the last years I had the opportunity to work both on very creative tasks like lighting and compositing, as well as very technical tasks developing pipelines and artist tools. Having a deeper insight into both these areas really helps me to work efficiently and find appropriate solutions for the tasks at hand.

Thanks for stopping by on my website.
I am looking forward to hearing from you!


Located in London
Eligible to work anywhere in the EU & UK


Relocation possible to work onsite


Also able to work from home


2020 - 2021 &

2023 - 2024

Blue Zoo
London, UK

Lighting and Compositing Artist


Image Engine

Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Workflow TD

2015 - 2018

Stuttgart, Germany

Compositing Artist, Pipeline Developer

For a full overview please download my resume or visit LinkedIn:


To get in touch please contact me via email or message me on LinkedIn

You can find all the contact information in the website's footer.

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