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British Turtle Time Assassin

An aged agent tries to overcome challenges on a heist through time and space

My Roles: Shading, Lighting & Compositing
Year: 2015, Produced at: Stuttgart Media University, Team: Giulia Bochnig, Magnus Kaffenberger, Albert Memet, Daniel Schmucker, Ariel Tan, Marcel Unkauf, Anja Waeber

This animated short was originally produced in 2015 during my Bachelor studies at Stuttgart Media University. It tells the story of aged Agent T, who receives a new mission to change historic events in the favour of Her Majesty. 
My main tasks on the production were shading, lighting, and compositing. After the project was finished, I reworked the compositing of some of my shots in my free time, to give them a more polished look, which wasn't possible in the production time of about 4 months from story to finished project.
Here you can see some of my shots:

This was one of my favorite scenes in the short film. I tried out a couple of different lighting setups to give the shot different atmospheres:

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