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Pumpers Paradise

Pumpers Paradise shows everyday situations in a world that revolves around being fit and muscle-packed

My Roles: Lighting & Compositing
Year: 2019, Director: Eddy Hohf, Produced at: Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg

Working on the visuals of this bizarre world was a ton of fun and also a great learning experience. As I was the only lighting and comp artist on the project, I was able to try out different things with a lot of creative freedom.


Here you can see some stills from the projects:

In the before-and-after view below,  you can see grandma Irmel in the park lit with a basic dome light compared to the final lighting of the shot.
Especially in this park sequence, I worked a lot with light blockers to create nice looking shadows in the foreground without the need to add a lot of extra geometry off-screen.
To give the grass and leaf materials more variation and to create a warm, late summer ambiance, I adjusted the colors in compositing using ID-mattes.

Here you can see how the shots are set up and rendered in several different layers.
Especially in the gym scene, it was important to render the characters separately, as there were so many characters in the scene. Using these render layers, small animation changes could be done without the need to rerender the complete frame.

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