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Ratatoskr searches eagerly for ever bigger and better fruits in the tree Yggdrasil

My Role: Compositing Lead
Year: 2018, Director: Meike Müller, Produced at: Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg

I joined the production team in the final phase of the project for compositing, which was a great experience, especially because I received fantastic renderings to work with from Anno Schachner and Alex Berweck.

One of the main tasks in compositing was to create the backgrounds. As you can see in the video breakdowns and the wipes below, only the foreground elements were rendered whereas the backgrounds had to be built in compositing. 

As most shots had camera movement this required matte painting elements on cards in Nuke's 3D space. Besides that, I mainly tweaked the shots' colors and lighting, did retouching, and added additional FG elements in some shots to give them more depth.
Here you can see some of my compositing work on this project:

Below you can see an example for the background creation and a character closeup. Another task in compositing, especially for these character shots, was to give the fur a final touch, soften it up a bit and give it a smoother feeling. In some shots, I also added an extra highlight in the eyes to give the character more appeal.

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